Encephalopathy is a kind of time bomb, and if you don’t do it, then in the long run, multifocal dysfunctions of the brain are inevitable, such as mental disorders (memory loss, reduced intelligence, mental disorders) and motor functions.

It is unlikely that such a prospect can deceive anyone.

If so far the doctors have spread helpless hands, referring with regret to the fact that, so far, there is no remedy that could cure or at least stop the progression of the disease. That we already receive a positive result!


In the first stage of dyscirculatory encephalopathy, the disease often occurs under the guise of neuro-circulatory dystonia, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc., we rarely go to the doctor, preferring to be treated on our own. Unfortunately, at this stage, patients are rarely explained that timely measures taken can slow down degenerative processes in brain tissue, improve neuro - endocrine regulation, significantly prolong physical and mental youth, noticeably improve the quality of life, up to full recovery of health. For many reasons, including insufficient attention from both neurologists and patients themselves, the enormous importance of preventing the development of the disease is underestimated, such patients remain without proper therapy, their quality of life decreases, precious time is lost, the disease progresses.

The best therapy - prevention!
Do not wait for problems - it may be too late!

An innovative method of prevention and treatment of encephalopathies of various origins, microstrokes and conditions after suffering ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes is applied in the Tree of Life KZ clinic.

The basis of treatment is a way to improve the effectiveness of medicines used in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries since the 30s of the last century. We use the well-known drugs used in classical neurology, but the method of their introduction and the use of clinic know-how make these drugs extremely effective and allow us to achieve unique results in the treatment of this category of patients.

The advantages of our technique are small doses of drugs, to avoid any adverse reactions, conducting outpatient therapy only 1 time per week, session duration - 1-2 hours, course duration 4-8 weeks, the ability to feel an improvement after the first procedures , with long-term preservation of the obtained positive results. With therapeutic and preventive purposes, therapy is carried out twice a year. Four sessions at intervals of a week.

The experience of treating patients in our clinic suggests that there is a safe, giving significant results for the prevention and treatment of encephalopathy. Its use allows for the widespread prevention of encephalopathy among the working population.

This is especially true for those groups of people who are at risk of developing early encephalopathy due to occupational hazards (pilots, workers in the oil and gas industry, workers who often fly on airplanes, professional athletes, etc.).

In the course of the therapy, cerebral blood circulation and nutrition of brain cells are improved, feelings of anxiety and tension are reduced, memory and mood are noticeably improved, stress resistance, activity and efficiency increase.

This therapy is also indicated to persons suffering from predisposing to the development of encephalopathy diseases.

In the case of already existing pronounced dystrophic changes in the brain, this method can significantly improve the indicator of the cognitive and physical health of patients, reduce, or save the patient from the disabling consequences of major and minor brain disasters.

If you are interested in the above, come and we will do everything we can to help you!