Encephalopathy is a sort of ‘time bomb’ and a failure to address it could potentially result in imminent multifocal brain dysfunctions such as mental disturbances (loss of memory, mental deficiency, psychosocial disabilities) and motor functions problems.

No one would relish such a prospect.

Whilst doctors have until recently lifted helplessly their hands in dismay and regretfully referred to the lack of a treatment that could cure or at least stop the disease from advancing, we already get positive results!


At the first stage of dyscirculatory encephalopathy when the disease often flows under the cover of Da Costa’s syndrome, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome etc., we do not usually turn to the doctor and prefer to use self-treatment. Most regrettably, it’s uncommon that at this stage the patients are explained that timely action allows to slow down degenerative processes in brain tissues, improve neuroendocrine regulation, significantly prolong juvenility in terms of physical and psychological well-being, notably improve quality of life all the way to the complete recovery of the patient’s health. By virtue of many reasons including insufficient attention both on the part of neurologist physicians and the patients themselves, the colossal importance of the disease development prevention is underestimated and such patients are left without the required therapy, quality of life declines, the right moment is missed, and the disease advances.

The best therapy is prevention!
Do not wait for problems to arise – it could be too late!

Here at the Tree of Life KZ Clinic, we use innovative methods of prevention and treatment of encephalopathies of various origins, mini-strokes and conditions after ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes.

Our treatment is based on the method of improvement in drug efficiency used in the US, Canada, Mexico and other countries since the 1930s. We use common medications applied in traditional neurology, but our methods of administration coupled with the clinic’s knowhow make these preparations a wonder and allow to achieve one-off results in treatment of this patients group.

Advantages of our approaches include administration of small drug doses which allows to avoid any side effects, delivery of therapy on an outpatient basis only once a week with a session duration of 1-2 hours and the total course duration of 4 to 8 weeks, and opportunity to feel better after the first procedures already with prolonged effects of positive results achieved. For the treatment and prevention purposes, therapy is delivered in four sessions with one week’s interval, twice a year.

Our clinic’s treatment expertise suggests the existence of a safe and meaningful method of prevention and treatment of encephalopathy. Its application allows to deliver preventive treatment for encephalopathies to working-age population.

This is especially relevant for those population groups facing a risk of early encephalopathy development because of their occupational hazards (pilots, employees of oil and gas industry, frequent business flyers, professional sportsmen etc.).

In the course of delivered therapy, cerebral blood flow and brain cells nourishing improve, feeling of anxiety and tension abates, memory and mood enhance significantly, stress resistance, energies and workability grow.

This therapy is medically necessary to the persons suffering from diseases conducive to the development of encephalopathy.

This method also allows to considerably improve the cognitive and physical health of patients who already demonstrate dystrophic cerebral changes and to minimize or eliminate incapacitating consequences of the large and small cerebral disasters had by the patients.

If you find yourself interested after reading the foregoing, please come visit us and we will do our best to help you!