The fast pace of modern life with all those imminent stresses, imbalanced diet, disturbed biological rhythm, poor environment, and bad habits (sadly, one can easily continue this list) can’t help but affect our body.

Our poor body starts beating an alarm, at first shyly but then increasingly emphatically.

And then we already find ourselves with a headache and feeling giddy (well, we have that ‘saving’ pill handy), with declining memory and performance (no big deal – there is always a cup of eye opener in every office), blowing up in anxiety and edginess (Is there no one to take it out on? Fellow workers and family members are always at your service)… Stop, get your breath and extend (before it’s too late) a helping hand to your afflicted brain.

Forewarned is forearmed. Think it over: it could be encephalopathy that came “out of the blue” with its diverse symptoms and dreadful complications taking the form of stroke, paralysis, loss of memory and, as a result, disability.


Our physicians possess high qualifications backed by international certificates and proven track record around the globe. This allows us to achieve tangible results in therapy of complex and often hopeless diseases.


We managed to bring together a set of unique techniques, requisite equipment, and high performers and to make sure that all of these work, and work here and now.

Now, nationals of Kazakhstan can use the opportunity to have a high quality medical care without the need to go abroad, fully in accordance with generally accepted international standards and with the use of advanced innovative solutions.


Diffuse structural brain abnormalities and, accordingly, functional brain disorders stemming from overlooked encephalopathy – with its severe consequences such as stroke, paralysis, loss of memory and, as a result, disability – is an immense problem in today’s world. Nobody is insured against this terrible ailment, and everything could happen in an instant, frustrating plans and reversing the lives of the patient and patient’s family.


WHO (World Health Organization) refers to stroke as a globally spreading epidemic. According to statistics, every sixth man on the Earth suffers a stroke. Annually, 12 million cases of stroke are recorded in the world, including 1 million in Russia. Every day, 100-120 strokes are diagnosed in megalopolises. Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the US. It is also the third leading cause of death. Stroke is the second most common cause of death globally and outruns cancer diseases (yielding precedence to the ischemic heart disease only).


We know how it is important for a modern type of a man to be of “sound mind and memory.”

And the trouble of those who for various reasons became part of the vulnerable group, facing the disease, is a very near concern of ours.

We can help where all the rest give up, and we want to be of help.