Do you know that frequent flights can cause encephalopathy?

Do you know that the first place on disability is taken by strokes?

Do you know that problems with conception in young women can be the result of microstrokes?

Do you know that the main cause of falls in older people with fractures of the head or neck of the thigh is encephalopathy?

Do you know that manager’s syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome can be one of the signs of encephalopathy?

Do you know that alcohol and drugs do not relieve stress but only dull the perception?

The rapid pace of life of a modern person, with inevitable stresses, unbalanced nutrition, non-observance of biorhythm, poor ecology, bad habits (unfortunately, this list is not difficult to continue), simply can not affect the body.

Our poor body, at first timidly, then persistently signals malfunctions.

And now the headache and dizzy (well, we are ready to use the "saving" pill), memory and performance deteriorate (it doesn't matter, there is a cup of strong coffee so beloved by office employees), nervousness and irritability appear (isn't it ? Co-workers and relatives are always at your service) ... Stop, take your breath and stretch (it is not too late) a helping hand to your suffering brain.

Who warned, he is armed! Think of it as encephalopathy, which has crept in, with its many-sided symptoms and terrible complications in the form of strokes, paralysis, memory loss and, as a result, disability.


Our doctors have high qualifications, confirmed by international certificates and experience in various countries of the world. This allows you to achieve significant results in the treatment of complex and often incurable diseases.

We managed to put together a complex of unique techniques, necessary equipment, highly professional specialists and to make sure that all this works, works here and now.

Now Kazakhstanis have the opportunity to receive high-quality treatment without leaving Kazakhstan, in full compliance with accepted international standards and the use of advanced innovative technologies.


Diffuse disturbances in the structure of the brain and, accordingly, impaired brain functions due to unrecognized encephalopathy with its severe complications in the form of strokes, paralysis, memory loss and, as a result, disability is a colossal problem of our time. No one is immune from this terrible disease, everything can happen overnight, breaking plans, drastically changing the life of a sick person and his family.


WHO (World Health Organization) announced a stroke epidemic spreading around the world. According to statistics, one of the six inhabitants of the planet suffers a stroke. It is known that in the world every year 12 million cases of strokes are recorded, including 1 million in Russia. In metropolitan areas, 100-120 strokes are diagnosed per day. In the US, stroke is the main cause of disability. Among the causes of mortality stroke belongs 3rd place. Strokes are the second most common cause of death in the world and overtake cancer (more common is coronary heart disease).

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We know how important it is to be in a “clear mind and sober memory” for a modern person.

And we are very close to the problem of those who for various reasons fell into the risk group, who faced the illness.

We can help where everyone gives up and we want to be useful!